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Pest Control Services Gold Coast

Discover how we keep homes and business like yours safe from pests.

100% Customer Satisfaction

General Pest Control

Loading up on spray bottles from Woolworths and Bunnings.

Buying bottles of lethal pesticide and dumping them around the property.

Constantly cleaning the kitchen and floor.

Those are some of the things we’ve seen Gold Coasters do to defend their homes and businesses from invasive pests.

Unfortunately, they’re never very effective.

If you have a serious pest infestation, DIY treatments won’t be enough to get rid of it.

Our general pest control treatments are specifically designed for Gold Coast residential and commercial properties, and come with a 12-month satisfaction guarantee.

Explore how a professional pest control firm can help your protect your property from harmful pests.



Safeguard your family, your pets, and your property.

Food Service

Keep your service area free from roaches and other pests.


Keep your tenants safe through regular checks and treatments.


Protect staff and customers from unpleasant visitors.

Ant Pest Control

Eliminate unwanted ant colonies with targeted treatments.

Unlike some other pests, most ants aren’t inherently bad to have around your home.  They can clean up food debris and keep other insects away – but that doesn’t mean you want a colony invading your kitchen.

Certain species of outdoor ants are also dangerous and aggressive.  From garden-variety green-headed bull ants to lethal jumping jacks, there are plenty of ants that you don’t want near your pets or children.

 If you’ve got an ant problem, supermarket pesticides won’t be powerful enough to wipe out the colony.  Explore our targeted treatment options for environmentally friendly, long-lasting extermination.

Cockroach Pest Control

Destroy roaches in your kitchen, home or machinery.

Cockroaches are one the Gold Coast’s most notorious pests.  These insects can range from small, pale German cockroaches to large, brown American cockroaches, but they all have one thing in common: they carry a range of diseases, and are extremely hard to get rid of.

Cockroaches generally breed in dark places like cracks, cupboards, and in the back of fridges.  They emerge at night to feed, which is why it’s so important to keep your kitchen free of food scraps.

If you’re unlucky enough to have a cockroach infestation, you won’t be able to eliminate it with regular sprays.  Learn about why cockroach infestations are so tough, and how a professional pest management firm like Arena can help protect your home.

Spider Pest Control

Prevent dangerous spiders from entering your home.

Spiders are nature’s pest control.  They help keep insect populations to a reasonable level, and certain species, like the harmless daddy long-legs spider, can be beneficial to have in your home.

Unfortunately, not all spiders are safe to have around.  Redbacks, black widows and other web-building spiders can infest dark places like the underside of chairs, and deliver potentially fatal bites if provoked.  Hunting spiders, like huntsman and wolf spiders, are less dangerous, but can still send you to the hospital if you’re unlucky enough to get bitten.

Our spider control services help keep both web-building and hunting spiders away from buildings, making outdoor and indoor spaces safer for you and your family.

Termite Pest Control

Safeguard your property from destructive termite infestations.

Termites are one of the Gold Coast’s most destructive insects, costing Australian property owners at least $4 billion each year.  Left unchecked, the most invasive termite species can cause major structural damage in just six to 12 months after infesting a building.

The key to successfully treating a termite infestation is early detection, and the best way to do that is through proper prevention systems and regular inspections.  By finding and stopping termites early, you can save yourself thousands of dollars – the average cost of a termite attack is $10,000.

Why Arena Pest Management

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We know the quality of the service we provide – and we’re willing to stand behind it.  If you’re not completely satisfied any time within 12 months of a pest treatment, we’ll provide you with a complete refund.

12-month Warranty

Our pest treatments are designed to provide long-lasting relief.  On the majority of our pest control services, we offer a 12-month warranty – no pests in the next year, or your money back.

15+ Years in Business

Experience isn’t everything, but, in pest management, it matters a lot.  With over 15 years in business on the Gold Coast, we know how to deal with almost any pest problem.

Free Quote on Any Job

We provide free quotes on every one of our pest management services.  If you’ve got a pest problem, talk to us and see how we can help. 

Absolutely Fantastic

Arena Pest Management were absolutely fantastic. They diagnosed my termite problem in less than 15 minutes and treated it before any serious damage could be done. Five stars.

Linda Krakow


Pest Control Services Summary

Residential Pest Control Services

All prices based on a standard three- to four-bedroom house/unit.

ServicePrice12-month Warranty
General Pest Treatment (Ants, Cockroaches, Spiders)From $140Yes
Termite Inspection & Report (Thermal Imagery Included)From $180.00Yes
Termite Inspection & Report + General Pest Treatment (Ants, Cockroaches, Spiders)From $240.00Yes
Other Pest Control Services (German cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs, and rodents)Pricing Available Upon Request

Body Corporate Pest Control Services

All prices based on a standard two- to three-bedroom apartment/townhouse/villa/unit.

ServicePrice12-month Warranty
General Pest Treatment (Ants, Cockroaches, Spiders)From $100 Per UnitYes
Termite Inspection & Report (Thermal Imagery Included)From $150.00 Per UnitYes
Pre-purchase Inspection & Report (Thermal Imagery Included)From $230.00 Per UnitYes

High Rise Pest Control Services

All prices based on a standard two- to three-bedroom apartment/unit.

ServicePrice12-month Warranty
General Pest Treatment (Ants, Cockroaches, Spiders)From $90 Per UnitYes
Whole Building – General Pest Treatment (Ants, Cockroaches, Spiders)From $35.00 Per UnitYes

Pest Control FAQS

What is pest control?

Pest control – more accurately referred to as ‘pest management’ – is the process of preventing insects, arachnids, rodents and other pests from infesting human habitats. Normally, pest management takes places in and around buildings like homes and offices.

Different phases of pest management include:

  • Prevention (stopping pests from entering buildings)
  • Detection (having systems in place to detect or kill pests when they do enter buildings)
  • Treatment (exterminating pests that are currently infesting a given location)

At Arena Pest Management, we use modern technology and a range of low-impact physical and chemical solutions to prevent and kill pests.  Our approach is focused on early detection and prevention – we want to minimise the risk to you, the property owner, by stopping pests before they have the chance to do any damage.    

How much should pest control cost?

The cost of pest control varies hugely depending on the type of pest being managed and the phase of pest management being implemented.  For example, an annual termite check costs between $200 and $300 on the Gold Coast; treating a live termite infestation normally costs a few thousand dollars to destroy.

To get an idea of approximate pricing for a specific pest control service, get quotes from a few different providers.  We offer free quotes on all of our pest control services. 

What are the four types of pest control?

Although there are dozens of different pest control methods available for different pests, they can be broadly grouped into four different categories:

  • Environmental
  • Biological
  • Physical
  • Chemical

Environmental pest control methods involve making the building environment less desirable for pests.  This can range from basic hygiene like cleaning up food scraps to removing old piles of wood around the outside of the building.

Biological methods are normally used by farmers and gardeners to protect plants in a safe, natural way.  They can involve encouraging or introducing predators that target pests, or stimulating the growth of microorganisms that deter pests.

Physical methods are exactly what they sound like: physically destroying the pests with traps or manual extermination methods.  This can range from nest destruction and heat treatment of contaminated objects to poison and traps.

Chemical methods are the most expensive type of pest control method, and are also often the most effective.  They include sprays, chemical barriers, fogging, and fumigation.     

What is the best time of year for pest control?

On the Gold Coast, the best time of year for pest control is normally August to December.  Although our winters are relatively mild, pests such as spiders, ants, termites, and cockroaches are normally less active over the colder months, making spring the perfect time to pre-empt summer infestations.

Who is responsible for pest control when renting in Queensland?

According to the RTA Queensland:

“If the property was free of pests at the start of the tenancy the tenant must ensure the property meets that same standard at the end of the tenancy.

However, the property manager/owner cannot require the tenant to:

  • leave the property in a better condition than it was in at the start of the tenancy (e.g. require pest control when the property had pests when they moved in, or require professional pest control if this was not done at the start)
  • use a specific pest control service
  • pay a set fee for a pest control service
  • use a particular pest control product

These are offences under the Act.”

Although this is a good rule of thumb, there may also be specific clauses in your tenancy agreement that clarify whose responsibility pest management is.

If you’re having a dispute with your landlord over pest control, we recommend using the Residential Tenancy Authority’s dispute resolution service.

How long does pest control take to work?

The time it takes for a pest control treatment to work really depends on the type of treatment and the type of pest.  For example, most sprays and chemical-based treatments will begin to kill insects and spiders within 48 hours, but it may take much longer to fully exterminate a large infestation. 

What are the requirements for managing pest control in a food premises?

According to Food Standards ANZ, “your business must do everything it reasonably can to prevent pest problems.

This means:

  • pests are stopped from entering or living in your food premises
  • pests are eradicated from your premises and vehicles used to transport food.”

They recommend the following factors be considered in your pest management plan:

  • The type of pests that need to be managed
  • Which areas of the workplace are most prone to pests (dark places with food and water, like inside walls cavities, under fridges, inside coffee machines, and in packaging).
  • The type of pest management method, including its suitability for use in food premises
  • The placement of pest management devices (traps and baits should aim to prevent pests from coming into contact with food and food surfaces)
  • The frequency of pest inspections and treatments
  • Keeping records of pest management operations