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In the right habitats, ants are an essential part of nature.

But that doesn’t mean you want them invading your kitchen or damaging your lawn.

Some species of ants also have dangerous stings, which can pose a threat to children, pets, and allergic adults.

Our Gold Coast ant control experts can help keep ants away from your lawns, pavers, and buildings with the latest environmentally friendly solutions.

With over 15 years of experience in pest management on the Gold Coast, we know how to effectively remove both native and introduced ant species from human habitats.

Discover how our ant pest solutions can help make your property safer and more usable.

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Indoor Ant Treatments

The last thing most Gold Coast homeowners and business operators want are trails of hungry ants foraging through their kitchens.

Most cases of indoor ant infestations involve black house ants, which we eliminate using a number of different techniques.

If a colony has established itself inside your building, it will typically be in the walls or ceiling, making ant baits the best treatment option.  Baits are typically granules or gels saturated with a non-repellent toxin; when ants take this bait back to the nest, it poisons the other workers and the queen, gradually eliminating the nest over a number of weeks.

If the nest is outside the home, baits can be effective, but we’ll also recommend the installation of a non-repellent chemical barrier around the base of your house.  This will kill any ant colonies that try to establish themselves nearby for around 36 months, making it an ideal long-term solution to infestations.

To find out which option is most suitable for your building, get in touch with us for a free quote.

What’s Included

Our indoor ant treatment options include:

Gel and granular baits

Environmentally safe chemical barriers

12-month warranty

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Outdoor Ant Treatments

Most cases of outdoor ant treatment on the Gold Coast involve removing ant nests from lawns and from under paving.

Although many types of ants have painful stings and bites, the real threat is often the weakening of the soil structure.  Species like the funnel ant have extensive colonies that can cause sinkhole-like collapses in the ground, resulting in loose tiles or uneven turf.

Normally, we use granular baits to control outdoor colonies.  Granular baits are food matrices that attract target species; worker ants pick up these baits and deliver them to the nest, where the queen consumes them and eventually dies, resulting in the destruction of the nest.

Baits are suitable for most situations, but sometimes direct nest injections (where nests are flooded with insecticide) are preferrable.  This can include situations when there is a high risk of infestation spread (such as with fire ants) or when killing the queen won’t destroy the nest (such as with jumping jack ants).

Explore how our environmentally friendly treatment options can help safeguard your property.

What’s Included

Our outdoor ant treatment options include:

Granular baits

Environmentally safe sprays

Direct nest injections

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Green Ant Pest Control

Green or green-head ants (Rhytidoponera metallica) are medium-sized ants with a distinct, green-purple metallic colouring.  They can make nests anywhere, but most Gold Coasters have a problem with green ants when they appear in their lawns.

Although green ants have large, painful-looking jaws, their sting is their primary defence against humans – get stung, and you’ll experience a mild stabbing pain and a painful red lump that lasts for several hours.

We recommend pest control for green ant nests if you have children, like to use your lawn for recreational activities, or are allergic to insect bites.  Green ant venom is powerful enough to cause anaphylactic shock, which can be deadly, especially to young children.

Our preferred treatment for green ants is the use of granular baits, which green ants will pick up and take back to their nest, resulting in full nest extermination.

Green ant with dust on it.
Fire ants swarming on food.

Fire Ant Pest Control

Red imported fire ants (Solenopsis invicta), known simply as ‘fire ants’, are a highly invasive type of ant from South America.  In addition to being a declared pest and environmentally destructive, fire ants are also very dangerous to humans.

These small, copper-red ants occur in large swarms, which means you’re likely to experience multiple stings at once.  Unlike other ants, the venom of fire ants builds up in your body – the more stings you receive, the more likely you are to have an anaphylactic reaction. 

Even if you don’t go into anaphylaxis, fire ant stings are extremely painful.  They often form pimple-like blisters that can last up to seven days and take a few weeks to fully heal.

You are legally required to treat any fire ants you see.  If you’ve undergone fire ant treatment training, you can treat infestations yourself using bait or Fipronil direct nest injections.  Alternatively, engage a qualified pest control technician like us to safely and fully destroy the nest.  

Black House Ant Treatment

Black house ants (Ochetellus glaber) are tiny black ants that sometimes invade houses and buildings (normally in search of food or water).  Although these small insects aren’t dangerous, they can contaminate food with their faeces, and often leave unsightly piles of dead ants outside the entrance to their colony.

In most Gold Coast homes, these ants can be found travelling to and from food sources in long trails.  They love sugar, so the easiest way to deter them is to clean up food scraps and store biscuits, lollies, and honey in sealed containers or in the fridge.

If you have an ongoing infestation (especially common during droughts), then it can be worth paying an ant control professional to get rid of the colony.  Because black house ants normally invade food spaces like kitchens and dining rooms, using the right treatments is essential – buying DIY chemicals from Bunnings definitely isn’t the way to go.   

Talk to us about treatment options that are safe for you and your family.

Funnel Ant Treatment

Funnel ants (Aphaenogaster longiceps) are a native species of ant endemic to Australia’s east coast.  They get their name from the funnel-shaped entrances to their colonies, which are made from piled granules of dirt.

In many Gold Coast homes, they can cause problems when they take over lawns, disfiguring previously immaculate turf with small mounds of soil.  More importantly, their extensive nest structures can compromise the ground’s structural integrity, potentially leading to sinkhole-like collapses.

Funnel ants also have a painful sting that they deliver when disturbed, so make sure you don’t let children or pets play on a funnel ant-infested lawn.

Because of their deep, intricate nests, funnel ants are best destroyed using baits.  Contact us to explore the best options for your property.

Gold Coast Ant Control FAQs

How much should I pay for ant control?

Ant control treatments can vary significantly in cost depending on:

  • the extent of the infestation;
  • the type of ant; and
  • the type of treatment required.

For example, a small nest of black house ants can be treated relatively easily with baits; a nest of jumping jacks, by contrast, can be hard to discover and difficult to fully destroy.  On average, Gold Coast ant control treatments range from $150–$350.

What do professionals use for ant control?

Most ant control professionals use baits and direct nest injections.  Both options have their pros and cons, but, importantly, they target the root cause of ant infestations – the nest – rather than just the ants you see, which is what most DIY ant treatments do.

Baits work by poisoning the ants with a transferrable toxin.  The poisoned ants return to their colony and unknowingly spread the poison to other ants; after about five days, the poisoned ants begin dying.  This process normally means that all ants in the colony are wiped out after a few weeks.

Direct nest injections (DNIs) are only suitable for some types of ants, and work much faster than baits.  DNIs involve flooding soil-based ant nests with non-repellent insecticide, which poisons most of the ants in the colony.  Deep or extensive soil-based colonies may be better treated using baits.